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 Writer & Academic
Director of: Attune4Life Ltd
& Social Worker

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Dr. Seosamh McGrath studied Critical and Creative Writing, specifically Memoir, as a research student at Cardiff University

Seosamh is a Registered Social Worker with an MA in Social Work from Plymouth University. He has a reputation for campaigning strongly for a better experience for children & young people in the care system and, most especially, care leavers. Seosamh was in care as a child from birth to 18 years old.

Seosamh has an undergraduate degree (BTh) from the University of Oxford and an MA from the University of Sheffield (Theology). He achieved his MBA from Brighton University. 

He is a Priest - ordained by the Church of England - although no longer in ministry. He served in the Exeter, Sheffield & Truro dioceses.

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The thesis' Critical Component is available for public scrutiny at:

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Beyond the Silence – Autoethnography An Act of Will

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Beneath Silence 2nd. Ed. is now available: 

1st Ed. is now out of print - although available from resellers (at extraordinary prices). It had a highly successful run, but Seosamh decided to re-write it as the opening chapter of his NEW Memoir, Beneath Silence.


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Recommended by Academics

Below is an extract from an online student's blog about her tutorials and academic journey in which she highlights my paper.

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Recommended by Academics


2020, MA, Joyce, Sonya: 'What Did I Do?'

2021, Professional Doctorate, Crascall, Leon: 'Reimagining Built Environment Education'

2021, PhD, Hunt, Sophia E: 'Expertise Born of Experience'

2022, Article, Hopkinson, P,' A Tale of Two Peters'


New Memoir


Beneath Silence

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"The silence is an awakening prelude to a story. Experienced from deep within, at the depths of the gut; it finishes splattered unceremoniously on display, like projectile vomit – uncontrolled and uncontrollable"

Seosamh McGrath

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"I am soon left with just raindrops to obscure my vision"

Seosamh McGrath

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